Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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President Obama is praising a plan that has emerged in the Senate for comprehensive immigration reform offering the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants an avenue to citizenship while tightening border security. We talk with one of the senators behind the plan, Michael Bennet, Democrat of Colorado. Facebook will release its quarterly earning today. The company's stock is down about 19 percent since going public last May. But some analysts are giving Facebook another look thanks to its mobile strategy. The Federal Reserve wraps up its latest meeting today in Washington. The expectation is that there won't be any big news coming out of it, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen. We'll tell you why.

PODCAST: Chesapeake Energy CEO to step down and a step up for airline tea time

Shares of Chesapeake Energy are up after embattled CEO announces retirement and British Airways and Twinings make tea time tastier at 35,000 feet.
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GDP drops 0.1 percent but other economic indicators continue to rise

A Commerce Department report out today shows that GDP fell 0.1 percent last quarter, but consumer spending, business investment and employment continue to rise.
Posted In: GDP, Economy, consumer spending, investment, employment

Aubrey McClendon to step down from Chesapeake Energy

Shares of natural gas company Chesapeake Energy are up after its embattled CEO announced he is retiring.
Posted In: natural gas, Chesapeake Energy, Aubrey McClendon

British Airways and Twinings make tea time tastier at 35,000 feet

British Airways and Twinings have teamed up to introduce a special line of teas for high altitude consumption.
Posted In: tea, British Airways, air travel

Battery problems old news for Dreamliner

Boeing has apparently been aware of the problems with the troublesome lithium ion batteries on its 787 Dreamliner for some time.
Posted In: Boeing, Dreamliner 787, Dreamliner, airline safety

Senator Michael Bennet on immigration reform

Colorado's junior senator and member of the Senate's 'Gang of Eight' discusses the push for immigration reform.
Posted In: Immigration, Senate, colorado

Another Fed meeting... Why bother?

With interest rates locked near zero until 6.5 percent unemployment, what's the point of meeting until then?
Posted In: Fed, Federal Reserve, Economy, interest rates

Facebook earnings expected to show mobile ad growth

As more users check Facebook on their smart phones, its mobile advertising strategy is critical to success.
Posted In: Facebook, quarterly report, mobile apps, facebook social media privacy advertising, advertising

FDA urges drug companies to make a safer pain killer

With addiction to pain pills at epidemic levels, the Food and Drug Adminstration is taking action
Posted In: regulation, FDA, painkillers, prescription

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