Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Agricultural experts say Hurricane Isaac could actually relieve some of the pain of the drought in the Midwest. We look at the Federal Reserve's role in controlling inflation. As we become more hooked to our mobile devices, it’s easy to find people tethered to their offices. And for graduates of for-profit colleges, a wage bump is no sure thing.  

PODCAST: Isaac hits New Orleans, farmers see near record profits

Despite, or perhaps because of, the historic drought in the Midwest, farmers are making big profits. Isaac shuts down Louisiana's ports. And all those smartphones come with a cost: more than ever, we're tethered to our jobs.
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With historic drought, farm profits soar

Despite, or perhaps because of, the Midwest drought, farmers are projected to make serious profits. But individual farmers will experience very different results.
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A Florida community banker weighs in on the election

As part of our coverage of "The Real Economy" -- what matters most to voters this election year -- we've invited a guy named Mike Sleaford into the studio to give us his thoughts on the election and the economy.
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Isaac sparks talk of tapping oil reserves

Hurricane Isaac is battering the Gulf, which means a huge chunk of American oil drilling and refining is off line. There’s talk of America tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
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Hurricane Isaac shuts down Louisiana port

Port Fouchon is the industrial heart of the New Orleans coast, about 60 miles south of New Orleans. And it is shut down because of the hurricane.
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United Airlines struggles with computer issues after merger

United’s technical team is scrambling to solve the computer problems that caused long lines of angry people. United has struggled with this since acquiring Continental in 2010.
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Richmond Fed president on keeping inflation stable

Jeffrey Lacker, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, says he's wary of using monetary policy to increase inflation to try and boost economic growth.
Posted In: Federal Reserve

For-profit college dropouts take wage hit

A new study indicates that students who drop out of for-profit colleges fare worse in terms of pay than those who quit community colleges.
Posted In: for-profit colleges, community colleges, Education

In Midwest, Isaac brings much-needed rain

The parched Midwest will get rain after Hurricane Isaac moves inland, but it won't be enough to end drought conditions.
Posted In: drought, hurricane, Isaac

Getting away from the office is getting harder to do

A new survey finds Americans more tethered to work by their mobile devices than they ever were to landlines.
Posted In: technology, tethering, work-life balance, mobile, Work, office

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