Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday May 20, 2014

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David Brancaccio at the BBC Studios
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We investigate the Latin American angle of the AT&T-DirecTV deal – how the stalling growth of satellite in markets like the U.S. makes developing markets more attractive and the challenges inherent in that strategy. Plus, on Tuesday, President Obama hosts business leaders at the White House to tout "SelectUSA, " an initiative started in 2011 to offset companies leaving the U.S. for foreign tax shelters. Conrad looks at the "tools in the toolkit" -- What are the carrots, what are the sticks, to bring and keep business in the U.S.? (Tentative angle)

PODCAST: London's stock ambitions

A look at Brixton Market, in South London. And there's a clamor about high executive pay in the UK.
Posted In: London, executive pay

Are London's CEOs earning too much?

How much more should a CEO earn than his or her employee?
Posted In: ceo pay, income, income inequality

How the AT&T-DirecTV deal plays in Latin America

A contest for telecom dominance between cable and satellite in the developing world.
Posted In: AT&T, Comcast, Latin America, directv

Is London too expensive for poor Londoners?

Charities say large numbers of poor Londoners are being priced out of the city.
Posted In: London, inequality, Wealth and Poverty
SelectUSA 2013

President Obama makes a sales pitch for the U.S.

"It was getting harder for Ohio to go compete against Singapore.”
Posted In: foreign investment, world, global economics, Barack Obama

In London, food banks feel the strain

As government welfare cuts take effect in Britain, food bank use increases.
Posted In: food banks, London

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