Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday May 13, 2014

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Pinterest and We Heart It are starting to incorporate native ads,  at some very high prices for advertisers. Native ads have gotten some negative pub -- but they could be more successful on those two platforms because those social networks already cater to people interested in buying. Plus, retail sales numbers for April will be the next big clue in how the economy is doing, since the early numbers this year were hindered by the endless winter weather.
Consumer Spending Rises Sharply During Month Of March

PODCAST: The shoppers who never showed

China wrangles with its credit bubble. And a look at cities that give budget power directly to citizens.
Posted In: consumer behavior, China, budget

New book tells of China's modern awakening

More than 500 million Chinese moved out of poverty in 35 years.
Posted In: China
Consumer Spending Rises Sharply During Month Of March

Weak retail sales and the danger of discounts

A new report shows that April's retail sales increased 0.1 percent.
Posted In: retail sales, new numbers

Pinterest starts selling Pins to business

Pinterest and We Heart It start incorporating native ads.
Posted In: Pinterest, native ads, social media

'Participatory budgeting' goes to the White House

One town gives residents $2.4 million to budget however they see fit.
Posted In: budget, white house, budget hero

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