Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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Obama wants to get an additional $58 billion of education spending into the budget tomorrow. Republicans are strongly opposed. Plus: Sanctions might seem like one way the U.S. could pressure Russia on its Ukraine adventure, but the U.S. doesn’t have many business interests in Russia.

PODCAST: U.S. sanctions won't hurt Russia

President Obama face an uphill battle in getting more funding for early childhood development. And the Fed takes a more personal approach in New England.
Posted In: Russia, ukraine, Barack Obama, 2015 Budget, Federal Reserve

Could Detroit strong arm its creditors?

If the judge approves, a new agreement could be a big step toward the city getting out of bankruptcy.
Posted In: Detroit, bankruptcy

What can the Fed do to solve social problems?

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is rolling up its sleeves to get closer to the community.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, boston, Massachusetts

Social media as witness

Protesters in Ukraine are taking to social media to paint a very different picture of the situation in their home country.
Posted In: ukraine, social media

Thousand dollar house, million dollar view

One professor is sleeping in a dumpster to raise questions about U.S. home ownership.
Posted In: affordable housing

Obama's tough sell on early childhood spending

Part of the President's budget proposal focuses on an initiative expanding early childhood development programs.
Posted In: head start, budget

How much influence does the U.S. have on Russia's economy?

Some critics of Russia's move on the Crimea say the U.S. should consider economic sanctions. But the U.S. doesn't do much business with Russia.
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