Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Crews rush to clean up Exxon pipeline spill on Yellowstone River

Montana's tourism business, and drinking water in cities downstream, are on the line as crews race to clean up oil spill along the Yellowstone River
Posted In: Environment

Markets unrattled by debt ceiling debate in Congress

But if negotiations fall apart, investors will sell off treasuries, scoop up credit default swaps, and bank stocks will take a beating

British journalists, officials denounce phone hacking by tabloid

Britain's News of the World tabloid comes under intense pressure after it hacked into the phone messages of a missing girl interfering with a police investigation
Posted In: Law

Rare earth minerals may not be so rare

Researchers from Japan uncover vast underwater deposits of the key materials used to make gadgets from smart phones to laptops, threatening China's dominance as a supplier
Posted In: Science

Airlines take on EU over carbon emissions

United and American airlines challenge a plan that would limit the amount of carbon planes can emit on flights to and from Europe
Posted In: Airlines

Carmakers, White House haggle over tailpipe emission standards

Newly proposed regulations could require American cars and trucks to reach 56.2 miles per gallon by 2025

Tour buses work to protect China's national parks

As China prospers, more and more people get to visit the country's national parks. Tour buses may be a factor in protecting the environment.
Posted In: China

Verizon to unveil capped mobile data plans

The company is getting its heaviest data users to help pay the bills. Soon, though, capped plans could apply to everyone.

Solar power tax breaks set to expire

As Congress tightens up the federal budget, some federal subsidies for solar power are likely to disappear. That would hamper exponential growth in the industry.

Carmageddon in L.A.!

405 freeway shut down expected to snarl roadways and business in the L.A. metro area.
Posted In: Transportation

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