Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tax loopholes for corporations abound

A study out this morning from the Government Accountability Office looks at corporations and taxes, and which companies avoid paying them. Alisa Roth looks into how some corporations find tax loopholes.
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An Olympic buzz for Li Ning

Chinese sportswear firm Li Ning isn't an official Olympic sponsor, but they're riding enough of a wave to make significant headway with consumers. Scott Tong reports the trick now is to keep the momentum going.
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Jobs still a struggle for new MBAs

MBA programs saw record applications this year as young workers went to business school. But with the economy the way it is, there may not be as many jobs awaiting those eager grads. Joel Rose reports.
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Chrysler in name, Nissan in effort

Chrysler's owners say they're considering having Nissan or another car company design vehicles that would be sold under the Chrysler brand. Bob Moon reports how the working relationship could benefit both companies.
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TIAA-CREF opens up in London

The pension fund TIAA-CREF is opening its first overseas office in London. The goal is to to step up investments in European real estate. Stephen Beard reports the credit crunch has created opportunities in Europe.
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A stadium-sized financial seminar

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is holding a foreclosure workshop today. Hoping to bring together troubled borrowers, the seminar is being held at a pro football stadium. Curt Nickisch has more.
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'Netbook' computers coming to market

Tech watchers are anticipating Dell's unveiling of a new laptop that's lighter and more compact -- and more affordable. Mitchell Hartman reports on new "netbook" computers that make up for a lack of storage by being more convenient.
Posted In: Science

A glorious day for gamey Brits

Today begins Red Grouse hunting season in Britain, a.k.a. the glorious 12th. Though it's not a great day for animal rights activists, the hunting of field birds is a thriving economy. Scott Jagow talks to Stephen Beard.

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