Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 1, 2007

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hollywood writers weigh a fade to black

The contract for Hollywood writers expired at midnight, and the Writers Guild of America is considering a strike. Scott Jagow examines the role of download revenue in negotiations.
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CO2 tax or cap-and-trade system?

Washington is debating today whether to get companies to cut back on CO2 emissions through taxes or the cap-and-trade system. Steve Henn looks at both sides of the issue.

Disney toys with workers' rights

Labor activists are picketing Hong Kong Disneyland for the rights of workers at a Disney toy supplier in southern China. Bill Marcus explores the problematic practices behind the protests.
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Ford drives hard deal with UAW

Negotiations between Ford and United Auto Workers continue to truck on, and Ford wants to extract more from the UAW but give up less. Jill Barshay looks into Ford's new business plan and lay-offs on the way.
Posted In: Auto

Taking the exchanges out of the trade

New European Union rules are setting out to make trading stocks easier across Europe's borders. But Stephen Beard reports the rules could be bad news for national exchanges across the continent.
Posted In: Wall Street

Shoppers, retailers stand-off for deals

The costumes aren't even back on the hanger and retailers are already preparing for the next holiday shopping season. Sarah Gardner tells us what's behind a classic game of shopper-retailer chicken.
Posted In: Retail

A holy lot of money for sainthood

The movement to make Pope John Paul II a saint has received donations from around the world through its website. And Megan Williams reports that the sainting process relies heavily on those pledges.

Corn and oil don't make a solution

U.S. ethanol policy urges refineries to mix the corn-based fuel with gasoline to make consumers less oil-dependent. Economics correspondent Chris Farrell tells Scott Jagow why it's a bad idea.
Posted In: Economy

An AMT patch for a pay-go promise

Congressman Charles Rangel proposed a one-year patch for the alternative minimum tax to save taxpayers from a rate hike. But Jeremy Hobson reports it could threaten the Democrats' promise of pay-as-you-go spending.
Posted In: Taxes

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