Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Which country has the highest economic growth rate in the Asia-Pacific region? It's not China, but The Philippines, which grew at a surprising rate of 7.8 percent last quarter. Lawmakers in North Carolina consider a bill to ban certiain LEED environmental certifications on public projects. And will the factory collapse in Bangladesh help U.S. labor unions organize support? 

Motorola announces new 'aware' smartphone

Motorola CEO has announced that the company will revamp its line of gadgets and manufacture devices in the U.S.
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Terrorism concerns hinder public's access to toxic plant info

Associated Press reporter Jack Gillum discusses his investigation of ammonium nitrate facilities around the country and why authorities are hesitant to release location information.
Posted In: texas, terrorism, fertilizer plants

PODCAST: A 1.5 trillion calorie diet

1.5 trillion calories disappear. Latin American art rakes in millions at auction. And Newsweek is on the auction block again.

Latin American art draws in millions at auction

Latin American art has been selling briskly at Sotheby's and Christie's auctions this month. What's drawing all the money and attention?
Posted In: Latin America, art

Obama to announce expansion of mortgage modification program

With signs of vigor returning to the real estate market, it's easy to miss the other reality: Many people got stuck with terrible mortgages during the boom years and the Obama administration says they still need help.
Posted In: housing market, housing crisis, mortgage

The Philippines tops China in GDP growth

Which country has the highest economic growth rate in the Asia-Pacific region? It's not China, but the Philippines, which grew at a surprising rate of 7.8 percent last quarter.
Posted In: philippines, asia

Barry Diller looks to sell off Newsweek, 6 months after magazine goes all-digital

Media mogul Barry Diller, who runs Newsweek’s parent company IAC/Interactive Corp., says buying the publication was a mistake and is exploring a sale.
Posted In: news media, Barry Diller, IAC

Internet cafes in Ohio face ban

Internet cafes equipped with computer games resembling casino games have popped up across Ohio. Now there's a bill to cap winnings and ban the practice.
Posted In: Internet, Ohio, online gambling, casinos

Will the Bangladesh factory disaster help U.S. labor organize?

Walmart employees and other low-wage workers hope the spotlight on U.S. companies in Bangladesh galvanizes support for their campaigns at home.
Posted In: unions, Bangladesh, low-wage work, clothing, labor

Timber industry goes after green LEED certification

The timber industry is challenging the sustainable forestry certification of the LEED green-building program state by state.
Posted In: LEED, Environment, timber industry, North Carolina

German railway plans to combat graffiti with drones

While the debate continues over domestic use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the U.S., Germany is considering using drones to stop graffiti artists in their tracks.
Posted In: drones, graffiti, Germany

Two years after the Partnership for Healthier America, have calorie counts decreased?

In 2010, 16 food and beverage companies promised to reduce calories as part of the First Lady’s Partnership for a Healthier America. Two years later, how have they done?
Posted In: food and drink, Food, calorie, Michelle Obama, obesity

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