Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday June 12 2014

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Brazilian Protests
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Twitter and The Weather Channel are teaming up to bring you a new kind of commercial. They've created weather informed ads, which deliver ad content to the user based on the environment about him or her. What does this new kind of advertising mean for consumers? And are there privacy issues involved? Plus, the Professional Golfers' Association, seeing golfers leaving the game by the hundreds of thousands, tells golfers there’s a way to enjoy the game without spending all day on it. Just play half a round. The campaign launches with start of the U.S. Open on Thursday. After, we talk to art critic Blake Gopnik about a “new,” $50-million Rembrandt painting, previously assumed to be a worthless copy. Blake discusses the insanity of a panel of experts deciding what is and isn’t an original work. Also, we talk to Univision’s Leon Krauze, who is at the World Cup in Sao Paolo this week, about how labor and street protests are impacting the tournament. Krauze shares that he’s found that Brazilians are not happy with the World Cup being hosted in their country and feel the financial resources are better spent on education and other public services.

Do Brazilians even want soccer anymore?

As the World Cup gets underway, Brazilians question the money spent on the events
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The painting that was suddenly worth millions

A self-portrait by Rembrandt once labeled fake has now been deemed the real deal.
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A demonstrator protests with a Brazilian national flag

PODCAST: The money of the World Cup

The economics of the World Cup, and why some want to cut the game of golf in half

Golf group hopes fewer holes means a better game

The U.S. Golf Association tells golfers to play shorter games.
Posted In: Golf, U.S. Open, Housing

Raining? Twitter wants to help sell you an umbrella

Twitter is teaming up with the Weather Channel to help advertisers.
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