Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, August 25, 2011

Warren Buffett will invest in Bank of America

Bank of America's stock dropped around 40 percent in recent months. So why is Warren Buffett about to hand them $5 billion?
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The early days of Steve Jobs and Apple

Sure, we all know the success of the iPad and iPhone. But what was Steve Jobs like back in the early days of Apple? We talk to Guy Kawasaki, who was there in the beginning.

Gold prices drop three days straight

As market volatility swirled for the last few weeks, one thing remained steady: the increasing value of gold. Now, the price has taken a nose dive.
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Markets wait for word from Ben Bernanke

The price of gold is down, and the future of the U.S. economy is uncertain. Many anxiously await Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke's speech tomorrow, in which he could potentially announce another stimulus program.
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CEO Jobs changed tech business landscape

Sure, Apple is one of the highest values companies in the world. But according to many, his more important legacy is how he changed our daily lives.

As CEO, Jobs was able to read people

Questions abound about how Apple's culture will change now that Steve Jobs has stepped down. But what was it like to work with him? A former Apple employee describes what it was like to work with the iconic CEO.

Steve Jobs successor 'makes trains run on time'

Steve Jobs resigned as Apple's CEO and named his former COO Tim Cook as his replacement. Will Cook be able to fill such big shoes?

Steve Jobs: Leader of the Apple cult

Jobs' resignation could mean few major changes at Apple if they continue to innovate. But what is a revolutionary company without it's founder?

Concerns over falling prices may shift Fed policy

If Fed chair Ben Bernanke announces a lending and spending program in Wyoming on Friday, it would mean he is concerned about deflation, or falling prices on things like food and consumer goods.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

Jobs resigns, but Apple won't change much...yet

Steve Jobs, a long-time tech visionary, will resign as head of Apple. Will his replacement, Tim Cook, be able to keep the train on the tracks?

Hurricane Irene poses test for insurance plan

North Carolina passed a coastal insurance plan about two years ago, but will it be enough to protect homeowners from big costs?
Posted In: Environment

Looking to Bernanke for an economic fix

Markets seeks assurance from Fed chief at Friday conference.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

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