Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, August 14, 2008

Labor groups take on Wal-Mart

A complaint being filed with the Federal Election Commission today says Wal-Mart held meetings telling its workers not to vote for Barack Obama. Alisa Roth reports why advocacy groups are particularly upset Wal-Mart's involved.
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Scoring a way into the Olympics

If you want to get into the stadium for the Olympic games, it's going to cost you plenty of yuan -- and even then, it's hard to find good seats. Scott Tong reports in order to get to the games, people are getting creative.
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Tracking real estate numbers is tricky

Analysts in the housing industry rely heavily on RealtyTrac for foreclosure numbers, butthe source can't always see everything. Steve Henn reports tracking the real estate downturn is becoming more difficult.
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Even the wealthy are having woes

The troublesome economy has had a visible effect on lower-income folks, but what of those who live a life of luxury? Philip Martin went to the upper-east side of New York and saw how the wealthy were struggling.
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Europe shares rough economic ride

The global market story has been about the bleak U.S. economy for awhile now. But today, the E.U. said Germany, France and Italy had terrible second quarters. Scott Jagow talks about the European markets with Stephen Beard.

Hype could be hurdle for Liu Xiang

It's hard to go anywhere in Beijing without seeing the face of hurdler Liu Xiang on billboards, which some fear could eventually lead to the risk of overexposure. But Jamila Trindle reports that might not matter to fans.
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There's truth behind the 'Colbert Bump'

Legend has it that politicians interviewed on The Colbert Report see a significant bump in fundraising after they appear on the show. Rico Gagliano did a little research and found the numbers backed up the theory.
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