Marketplace Morning Report for September 24, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for September 24, 2008

Warren Buffet buys into Goldman Sachs

Fed Chair Ben Bernanke has been saying that investments with value are going for fire sale prices. Well, Warren Buffet heard that and jumped in to buy $5 billion of stock in Goldman Sachs. Steve Henn reports.
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T-notes on sale to help fund bailout

The government isn't raising taxes to fund the $700 billion bailout. What's the alternative? Today, the Treasury will auction off two-year T-notes as a start. Are they a good investment? Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Study ranks Canada economically freer

O Canada. How did it come to this? According to an annual study by international think tanks, Canada now ranks higher than the U.S. in its degree of economic freedom. Commentator Will Wilkinson explains.
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British PM to press for global regulation

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is in New York today for talks on the economic crisis. He will give leaders at the UN a list of regulations he believes are needed for the global economic crisis. Stephen Beard reports.

Is there an upside here for taxpayers?

Host Scott Jagow turns to Fortune magazine's Allan Sloan to get his take on the administration's $700 billion mortgage bailout plan. Sloan says he's outraged that there's no obvious plus for taxpayers.
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Bloggers not quitting their day jobs -- yet

A survey from found that blogs that carry advertising make money. The question is, however, do bloggers make enough money to live on. John Dimsdale runs the survey results by some blog editors.
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Bernanke walks fine line in Congress

Fed Chair Ben Bernanke took the administration's mortgage bailout plan to the Senate Banking Committee members Tuesday and will be back on Capitol Hill today. John Dimsdale reports on what Bernanke is up against.
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