Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, September 2, 2013

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An impending $130 billion dollar deal between Verizon Wireless and Vodafone could change the telecom industry. There are renewed signs of life from one of the engines of the global economy - a new survey shows factories in China are doing well. And if you're flying this Labor Day, you know the logisital problems bringing a carry on can bring. Some strategies to avoid the hassle. 

Shrimp prices go big

Lobster prices have been shockingly low this summer -- $2.20/pound dockside. Climate change is a key reason given, but what's going on with shrimp? The price is through the roof.
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PODCAST: Should we save the drive-in?

Verizon and Vodafone agree on a $130 billion deal. What's behind the rising cost of shrimp. And drive-ins get driven out.

Two new applications for big data

Leveraging massive amounts of computing power to predict weather and explore the galaxy.
Posted In: big data, supercomputer, weather, space

Verizon and Vodafone agree on $130 billion deal

The move could realign the entire telecom industry.
Posted In: Verizon, Vodofone, telecom

Apple's 'plastic iPhone' goes after Samsung customers

Apple is about to unveil a music service and two new phones - including a cheaper model - as it fights for market share against Samsung phones like the Galaxy.
Posted In: apple, iPhone, samsung

Labor Day labor: Tactics for boarding your flight before overhead bins fill

Travelers share their strategies for jumping the line and avoiding bag check.
Posted In: airline travel, labor day, luggage

The drive-in movie theater isn't dead. Not yet at least.

There are only about 300 drive-in theaters left in the U.S., and the shift to digital projection may eliminate most of the survivors.
Posted In: drive-in movies, Honda, movie theaters

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