Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, October 3, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, October 3, 2011

Julia Coronado: The TARP legacy and debit card fees

Julia Coronado, chief economist at BNP Paribas, shows how far we have come since 2008, and why more debit card fees are probably on the horizon.
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Spending cuts in Greece will be a 'heavy package on the backs of people'

With all eyes on Greece, much of the focus has been on the moves of political leaders. But how is it affecting the average Greek citizen?

What Europe can learn from TARP

We speak to Tim Massad, who heads up the Troubled Asset Relief Program, about its successes, failures, and the lessons that Europe can learn.

Occupy Wall Street protesters irked by rising student debt in U.S.

Occupy Wall Street protestors have a list of complaints, including student loan debt. Why?
Posted In: Education

Greece sends mixed messages on ability to solve debt problems

The Greek government is taking steps to reduce its debt, but won't meet its deficit reduction goals.

Occupy Wall Street protestors gain broader support

The Occupy Wall Street movement gains momentum in New York, with labor organizations joining the flanks of protestors.
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Pistachio growers face vote to expand industry oversight

The market for pistachios has become an unlikely growth market. If growers in the U.S. vote to increase industry oversight, it could mean a bigger market for exports of the nut.
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Silicon Valley moves into Madison Avenue

As digital advertising soars, Yahoo, Twitter and Google are among major tech companies moving their advertising divisions to New York City.

Florida bans the sale of tobacco in prisons

Florida joins 25 other states that have banned smoking in prison. It'll save millions of dollars in hospital bills for smoking-related illnesses.

PODCAST: Greece won't meet its mark, 'Arrested Development' resurrected

Here are today's top headlines from the Marketplace Morning Report and from around the web. The Greek government today announced a proposal to c...
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Florida moves up presidential primary

This swing state wants more clout in the nominating process. Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina might move up their dates too. That has financial as well as political implications.

Medicaid issue reaches Supreme Court

The justices will be looking at whether Medicaid patients and providers can sue over slashed Medicaid payments.
Posted In: Health

Mid-day Extra: Arrested Development will return

Arrested Development is expected to return to TV.
Posted In: Entertainment, Arrested Development

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