Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, May 9, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, May 9, 2011

When will housing climb out of the recession?

A report from shows that the nation's housing market continues its downward trend. Stan Humphries, chief economist with, takes a look at today's housing news and explains what it means for the future of U.S. real estate.
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Chinese officials to discuss yuan's appreciation rate

Critics say China has manipulated the yuan to sell more products on the global market. But what exactly does that mean?
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Housing numbers continue to slide

Julia Coronado, chief economist with the investment bank BNP Paribas, looks at today's housing news from and the state of the housing market.
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Samoa switches to 'the future,' jumps to other side of International Date Line

Samoa is hoping to move its economy into the future -- by a full 24 hours. The time change would put Samoa on the same schedule as major trading partners like New Zealand and Australia.

Globalist Quiz: India's growing population

Stephan Richter from the quizzes host Steve Chiotakis on the growing global population -- especially in India, where the population is expected to rise by 313 million people by 2035.

EU considers lower interest rates for Greece

Greece is asking the EU and the IMF to slash the interest rate it pays on its 160 billion dollar bailout.

U.S. home values fall 3%

According to a report out today from the real estate website, the housing market may not just be struggling, it may be heading for a double dip.
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Small French town attracts apocalypse-watchers

New age belief groups are flocking to Bugarach, France, convinced the small town will be an important site if the apocalypse arrives in 2012. The town, on the other hand, isn't welcoming the attention.

Cocoa production is up

But demand remains around the same. And the high price of other ingredients in chocolate means chocolate lovers will still need to pay.
Posted In: Agriculture

White House floats driving tax

The per-gallon gas tax is not enough to pay for road repairs. The Obama administration is exploring a new funding scheme.
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