Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, June 24, 2013

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A new study shows Southwest states -- New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada -- rank the lowest when it comes to child well-being. Markets in China continue their plunge, but the Chinese government says that's ok. And you've heard of shrinking airplane legroom, but what about shrinking armroom?

Mexican border factories offer better benefits than your job

Two factories in Tijuana have been singled out as the best places to work in Mexico and can teach U.S. companies a thing or two about innovative employee benefits.
Posted In: Tijuana, maquiladora, Mexico

Talk to the hand, now you can

A new wearable bluetooth phone lets you make a call from a glove.
Posted In: cell phone

FTC to investigate Google's Waze acquistion

If Google's acquisition of Waze is seen as purely anti-competitive, the Federal Trade Commission could break up the deal.
Posted In: Google, FTC, mobile apps

PODCAST: Don't bank on the central bank

Markets down in China after the country's central bank freezes lending. And after central banks do their part, what can the government to do shore up banks?

FBI requests 'Portlandia' clip for training

The FBI has asked IFC sketch comedy show 'Portlandia' for rights to use a clip from the program in its advanced intelligence training classes.
Posted In: FBI, Portland, television, comedy

Civil disobedience comes online

Is there such a thing as a digital sit-in or an Internet traffic picket line?

Default iOS hotspot passwords hacked in less than a minute

A group of German researchers has found a security problem in Apple's Internet hotspots for mobile devices. Turns out, they can be easily hacked.
Posted In: apple, ios, hacking

Study of children's well-being finds Southwest at bottom

Collapsed housing markets and sharp cuts in state spending put New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada at bottom of survey of children's welfare.
Posted In: arizona, New Mexico, Nevada

Microsoft returns to San Francisco for developers conference

What to expect from Microsoft's developers conference, Microsoft Build.
Posted In: Microsoft, windows 8, windows

Are banks ready for another financial crisis?

In its annual report, the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, says central banks have done their part. Now it’s time for governments to do more.
Posted In: banking

Markets continue to fall in China after lending freeze

The key stock index in Shanghai fell 5.3 percent today. The loss, the worst in 4 years, comes after China’s central bank froze lending between the country's financial institutions last week.
Posted In: China, stock market, banking

Community colleges face retirement crisis

40 percent of community college presidents are expected to retire in the next five years.
Posted In: community colleges, Retirement, baby boomers

New planes not just high tech, they'll be more crowded

New planes are not just high tech, they'll be more crowded.
Posted In: Boeing, Airbus, Airlines, airplanes, Tech

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