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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has taken criticism for his time at the private equity firm Bain Capital. But what is private equity, and does it really help the economy? On this Chinese New Year, Chinatowns across the U.S. are shifting from urban to suburban centers. Plus, we tell you why it's a bittersweet moment for the cocoa market. And is solar in trouble?

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U.S. Chinatowns lose residents to suburbs

As Chinese prepare to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, more immigrants are opting for the suburbs over urban Chinatowns.
Posted In: Chinese New Year, Chinatown

Guitar makers worried about wood import law

Gibson Guitar was raided by the Justice Department last year. Now instrument makers want clarification on a law that protects endangered trees.
Posted In: guitars, wood

Is solar energy in trouble?

Solar stocks have been plunging of late and the world's biggest solar market is tapping the brakes on sun power. Looks like a cloudy forecast ahead.
Posted In: solar, solar power

The role of private equity in the U.S. economy

We speak to a private equity insider about whether the industry is really full of 'vulture capitalists,' or if it serves a necessary function in our society.
Posted In: Mitt Romney, private equity

BlackBerry lags behind as CEOs step down

Research In Motion, the maker of BlackBerry phones, has lost a huge part of its share in the smartphone market.
Posted In: Blackberry, technology, smartphones

European Union agrees on sanctions against Iran

The EU has agreed on a plan to phase out Iranian oil deals, as part of the broader sanctions against the country and its nuclear program.
Posted In: Iran, Oil, sanctions

A bittersweet moment for the cocoa market

The price of cocoa has started to fall around the world as demand has dropped off -- but these prices might not last for long.
Posted In: cocoa, chocolate, demand

BlackBerry CEO shake-up points to new strategy

The new chief executive, Thorsten Heins, will bring "new blood" to Research In Motion, as the company tries to win back its position in the smartphone market
Posted In: Blackberry, management, ceo

Podcast: BlackBerry in a jam and the Year of the Dragon

Research In Motion gets a new CEO, but will he find a future for BlackBerry in an era of touch screens and not keyboards? Cocoa prices are down and a lack of demand. Solar energy gets a cloudy forecast, and guitar makers question wood import laws. Plus, an economic forecast for this first day of the Chinese New Year.
Posted In: podcast

Mid-Day Extra: An economic forecast in the Year of the Dragon

On this first day of the Chinese New Year, some predict the new zodiac sign won't ring in an economic recovery just yet.
Posted In: Chinese New Year

Analysts: The future of BlackBerry is corporate users

New CEO says company is "evolving" but won't change in a dramatic way despite the fact that BlackBerry phones account for only one in 20 new smartphones purchased today.
Posted In: Blackberry, Research in Motion

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