Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 10, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, January 10, 2011

Duke Energy announce plans to buy Progress Energy for $14 billion

The nation's third largest electric utility, Duke Energy, announced today it's gonna buy Progress Energy for about $14 billion. The combined companies would become the largest power company in the country.

The Federal Reserve will perform more stress tests

It's been more than a year and a half since the Federal Reserve tested the nation's 19 largest banks, making sure they were healthy enough to go on in the depths of the financial crisis. And this week, the Fed will be back with more stress tests for the banks, looking at whether they can raise dividends and buy back shares.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission plans to publicize complaints

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is going forward with a controversial plan to make public the thousands of complaints it receives every year about defective products.

Julia Coronado: corporate earnings

Jeremy Hobson speaks with Julia Coronado from BNP Paribas about expected corporate earnings in 2011, and what those numbers say about the health of the economy.

Visteon returns to the New York Stock Exchange

Visteon -- a car parts maker that was once part of Ford -- will start trading at the New York Stock Exchange again. Alisa Roth explains.

Southern Sudan seeks vote for independence

Today is the second day of a week long referendum asking people in southern Sudan if they want independence from the country's government in Khartoum. The vote is part of an agreement ending years of civil war and the referendum carries big economic implications for both the north and the south.

Texas faces a budget deficit of at least $15 billion

Lawmakers in Texas gather today for a new legislative session. And they have a Lone Star-sized problem: a budget deficit of at least $15 billion. Ben Philpott has more.

Chinese officials propose a property tax to fight potential bubble

Until recently, Chinese homeowners didn't have to pay annual property taxes. But the government fears there's a property bubble, and to fight it, residents of Chongqing will begin paying property taxes.

Trans Alaska Pipeline shut down after leak

The oil market braced for a big surge in prices following a pipeline leak that was discovered Saturday in Alaska. A leak that shutdown all production in North America's biggest oil field. Stephen Beard explains.
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Stubhub snubs BCS ticket buyers

The Internet has revolutionized how patrons buy tickets to concerts, movies, even sporting events. And as Oregon and Auburn prepare to square off in tonight's BCS Championship game, some ticket buyers are already at a loss. David Nogueras reports.

U.S. to open the first overseas Consumer Product Safety office

This week, Inez Tenenbaum, chairwoman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, travels to Beijing to set up the first overseas Consumer Product Safety office to help regulate and monitor product standards. John Dimsdale explains.

Verizon expected to announce iPhone coverage

Verizon is expected to announce that it too will carry the iPhone. Apple introduced the iPhone four years ago, and until now had an exclusive contract with AT&T. Jennifer Collins reports.

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