Marketplace Morning Report for Friday June 6, 2014

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California Chrome
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The Labor Department issues the May jobs figures today, but has normality returned? What do the latest figures say about jobseekers returning to the economy and better job openings? Can we now expect healthy job creation every month going forward? We also look at wage growth and the fact that things are still far behind where they would have been if the Great Recession had not cost so many jobs. Plus, California chrome goes for horseracing's Triple Crown this weekend at the Belmont Stakes, and even if he wins, the horse won't likely sell for the top rates (up to $60M) we've seen in the past. Then, the planning on the release of Hillary Clinton’s fifth (yes, fifth) book has been downright military grade. There’s not just the steady drip, drip, drip of excerpts and leaks, there’s the Twitter account, and all the appearances in the works. We look at the way books like Clinton’s, Geithner’s and Bernanke’s (forthcoming) are marketed. And after, Professor Sebastian Saiegh joins us to talk about what soccer can teach us about the benefits of organizational diversity.
Job Fair Held In Midtown Manhattan

PODCAST: 217,000 new jobs

The jobs report for May, the worth of California Chrome, and what business can learn from soccer

What the work place can learn from professional soccer

A new study shows that diversity within a team provides higher number of wins overall.
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$1.7 Million can buy a lot of Monster Energy drinks

The Beastie Boys were awarded $1.7 Million in a case against Monster Beverage Corp
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The strategy behind Hillary Clinton's book release

The planning on the release of Hillary Clinton’s fifth book has been downright military grade
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California Chrome

How much is California Chrome worth?

Even if he wins horse racing's Triple Crown, the horse may not fetch top dollar.
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May Jobs Report likely to show moderate hiring

Has normality returned to the labor market after winter weather distortions?
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