Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, February 7, 2014

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The facilities for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia cost an estimated $50 billion to build.  Some experts at the Carnegie Moscow Center, a public policy research group, are among those claiming that process was riddled with corruption. With the Sochi Opening Ceremony due to start in about four hours, we explore the issue. Meanwhile, the official report on employment and unemployment in America is due today. If it comes in light, fewer than 170,000 extra names on payrolls, the experts will blame the weather. Meanwhile, the number of jobless Americans who've lost their extended unemployment benefits has swelled to 1.7 million. Long term unemployed people are confronting what happens when a safety net of last resort, disappears.

PODCAST: January jobs report

This months jobs report showed unemployment inching down, but fewer jobs were created than expected. And we look at how much personal debt is too much?
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Dealing with unemployment after a lifetime of work

One woman gives a face to today's jobs numbers.
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Shadow of corruption allegations hangs over Sochi Olympics

A discussion of money and corruption on this opening day for the Winter Olympics.
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When your safety net ... disappears

The number of jobless Americans who've lost their extended unemployment benefits has swelled to 1.7 million.
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Super Bowl leftovers: This week's Silicon Tally

30 million views, 31.8 coins, and 5 million times a day ... know what those numbers mean? Must be another Silicon Tally!
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How much personal debt is too much?

Consumer debt is rising over all. Financial advisors say we need to keep our personal debt load at no more than 30 percent of our take-home pay.
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January jobs report: Unemployment dips, but jobs growth disappoints

The U.S. economy added 113,000 jobs in January, falling below analysts' expectations.
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Health care data is becoming big target for hackers

Turns out a lot of our medical records aren't very secure, and might be even more valuable to hackers.
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