Marketplace AM for October 30, 2007

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No more for product safety, please

Congress is considering a bill that would give the Consumer Product Safety Commission more money, staff and power. But the head of the agency says she doesn't want the bill to pass. Steve Henn reports.
Posted In: Retail

Publications want lower postal rates

Small publications are hurting from an increase in postal rates last July, and Congress is holding a hearing on how much they should pay for mailing. But Jeremy Hobson reports a lowered postal rate is unlikely.

A new process to approve patents

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office wants to change the rules to streamline the processing of new applications. But a lawsuit is threatening to prevent those changes from happening. Jeremy Hobson has more.

UBS reports losses in third quarter

Swiss bank UBS reported its first quarterly loss in almost five years, and much can be blamed on investments in mortgage-backed securities. Stephen Beard reports the crisis might be far from over.
Posted In: Economy

Finance work holds barriers for women

A new survey of females in finance finds it's difficult for women to advance working in hedge funds or private equity. Jill Barshay looks into why these fields get a bad rap.

Spending it all on a good scare

Halloween is go time for the haunted house industry, and keeping a big scare operation running can be costly. Scott Jagow talks to the owner of the "Bates Motel," a large-scale, farm-based spook attraction.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Jobs

'Do Not Call' ever again

The "Do Not Call" list that prevents telemarketers from dialing you will expire next year. But Congress might pass a bill that would make registration permanent. Alisa Roth has more.

Another Fed rate cut a possibility

Investors are hoping the Federal Reserve will announce another rate cut after it meets today. John Dimsdale reports the economy is in better shape, but a cut could still be possible.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

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