Marketplace Money for September 11, 2009

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Marketplace Money for September 11, 2009

Have we learned from the collapse?

In the year since the start of the economic meltdown, Americans have been saving more and paying off debts. But have we really changed our ways? Tess Vigeland gets opinions from experts and regular folks.

Special in Aisle 9! A 99-cent wedding

True to its name, the 99-Cent Only chain charged nine lucky couples less than a dollar for a wedding ceremony at one of its stores in Hollywood on 9/9/09. Host Tess Vigeland talks to two of the newlyweds.

I bow before my Queen of Frugality

Commentator W. Hodding Carter and his wife have committed to a frugal lifestyle. Carter says that by sticking to that commitment even on special occasions, such as their recent wedding anniversary, he rediscovers what he values in her.
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Tracking the ups and downs of housing

Host Tess Vigeland talks to RealtyTrac CEO Jim Saccacio and Vice President Rick Sharga about tracking the housing market throughout the market's boom and bust cycle.
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Hotel's $19 luxury room has empty feel

On a lark, the general manager of the Rancho Bernardo Inn near San Diego thought he'd try to attract more business to the four-star resort by tweeting an offer for a $19 room. Marketplace's Cash Peters checked in to check it out.
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Getting Personal

Host Tess Vigeland and Economics Editor Chris Farrell answer questions about how same-sex couples should handle their assets and how to protect retirement money from over-taxation.

The hidden costs of health care

Those of us lucky enough to have health insurance usually get it through our employers. But that only obscures the real cost of health care. Joel Rose reports.
Posted In: Health

Vermont bank invests in staying small

The National Bank of Orwell in Vermont is one of the smallest banks in the nation with just 5,000 customer accounts. But for almost 200 years it's played a big role in its tiny community. Jane Lindholm reports.

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