Marketplace Money for Friday, March 15, 2013

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How much do you know about immigration? For example, many immigrants to the U.S. bring ideas and customs that give them a financial leg up over Americans. Learn about community credit clubs, creative ways to earn money for an education and what some foreign-born folks would pay for a taste of home. Plus, we explore the challenges of throwing a wedding when the bride and groom come from different culutres. Also, after being hit hard by the foreclosure crisis, Atlanta's real estate market is starting to turn around. Hotlanta indeed! And a new documentary looks at how some American families have been left out in the cold after the Great Recession.

Families face tough choices in the shadow of the Great Recession

A new HBO documentary takes a look at how millions of families have been left out in the cold in the richest country on Earth.
Posted In: tough choices, middle class, social services, American dream, documentary

Learn from immigrants... and test your knowledge

There's a lot Americans can learn from immigrants to the U.S. That includes good personal finance behavior. Plus, test your knowledge about immigration with our quiz.
Posted In: Immigration

Immigrants get creative to survive without credit

America runs on credit. But undocumented immigrants generally can't access traditional loans, forcing them to think like entrepreneurs to raise cash.
Posted In: undocumented immigrant, credit, crochet

How much would you spend for a taste of home?

Foreign-born folks talk about the meals they miss most from their native cuisine.
Posted In: Food

Atlanta real estate: Peachy keen or sour grapes?

The weather is hot in Atlanta, but is the housing market?
Posted In: Housing, Atlanta, Georgia

Budgeting for love: Money and multicultural weddings

Wedding planning can be tough under any circumstance. But if you're a couple from two different backgrounds, how does that change financial perspectives and expectations around a wedding?
Posted In: wedding

Letters: Can I deduct a lost diamond bracelet on my taxes?

Certified financial planner Louis Barajas talks taxes and immigration with callers who have questions about filing their returns this year.
Posted In: letters

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