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Raging fires in Colorado have displaced thousands and the financial effects are just beginning to surface. We have tips on preparing your finances for a natural disaster. And we talk to a photographer who asked, "What would you take from your burning house?" Plus, need a reason to ditch your office chair? The benefits of standing at your desk. We also drop in on a fourth-grade economics lesson taught by high school students. And we look at how you define financial independence.

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The smell of prosperity or illness?

The residents of Roxana, Ill. debate if the oil refineries in and around their town represent jobs and money, cancer or something else.
Posted In: Oil, refineries, oil spill, cancer, Roxana, Illinois

To stand or sit at work?

More officer workers are choosing to stand instead of sit at work. The trend may mean better focus and even a longer life.
Posted In: standing desk, office behavior, Health, job, employment, insurance

The health care mandate and your wallet

The Supreme Court ruled that President Obama's health care mandate is constitutional. So what does that mean for citizens?
Posted In: Adriene Hill, Taxes, IRS, Affordable Care Act, scotus

The lessons of losing everything

A couple who lost almost everything in the Colorado wildfire talks about how they prepared for a natural disaster and how they keep a positive attitude.
Posted In: fire, station fire, evacuation

Let (financial) freedom ring

We asked listeners what financial independence means to you.
Posted In: financial freedom, Personal Finance

What would you take from your burning house?

If your home was suddenly ablaze, what would you save from the flames? A photographer, who collects photos of people's "burning house" possessions, talks about what people's choices say about them.
Posted In: fire, wildfire, home

Starting financial education young

What lessons can be learned from a fourth-grade economics class taught by high school seniors?
Posted In: kids, financial education

More sharing for greater efficiency

Social media and smartphones are fueling a "sharing economy," where freedom from possession trumps ownership.
Posted In: Sharing, cars, efficiency

To a daughter who made her mom proud

A proud mom nominates her daughter, who weathered a year of unemployment, for this week’s Piggy Award.
Posted In: Unemployment, frugality

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