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San Francisco housing
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This week, guest host David Lazarus of the LA Times and Marketplace's Stacey Vanek Smith discuss the latest report on data brokers. Should you be worried about what they're doing with your information? Financial journalist Ilyce Glink talks with David about the fall and rise of home-equity loans. Jessica in Orlando, Florida wants to know if it makes more financial sense to buy a more expensive home in a good school district or spend nearly $10,000 a year on private school tuition. Then, Kim in Minneapolis writes in to find out if credit counseling is the best way to tackle her student loans plus $24,000 in credit card debt leftover from an old relationship.  Mary Beth Franklin, a contributing editor at InvestmentNews, talks with guest host David Lazarus about how to get the most out of your Social Security benefits.

Six expert secrets to a successful Social Security strategy

Perfecting your Social Security strategy in six (pretty) easy steps.
Posted In: Social Security, benefits, personal finance basics

The tip jar gets a digital makeover

Technology is making us better tippers but not without an extra dose of awkwardness.
Posted In: tipping, gratuity, tips
San Francisco housing

The resurgence of HELOCs

Home equity lines of credit were popular before the recession, and now they're making a comeback.
Posted In: home financing

Family finance lessons: Musician Steve Albini

For recording engineer Steve Albini, it's about work but not profit
Search engines

Data brokers set the price tag on your head

Now, the FTC wants them to give us some personal information.
Posted In: big data

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