Marketplace Money for Friday, December 28, 2007

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Marketplace Money for Friday, December 28, 2007

Day in the Work Life: Katrina relief

When Hurricane Katrina swamped New Orleans, thousands of relief workers poured into the region to help. This encore Day in the Work Life revisits one of those workers on the scene.

The biggest bang for a benefactor

A new breed of philanthropists is using business strategies to determine how they give. Tess Vigeland explores this group with analyst Eric Kessler, who released a list of "high impact giving opportunities."

Giving to charity can benefit you, too

There are around 350,000 charitable organizations to donate to in this country. How do you decide where your money should go? Mary Stucky reports there are ways to give that benefit both you and the charity.
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Getting Personal

Economics editor Chris Farrell answers your money questions with Tess Vigeland in this holiday version of Getting Personal.

Sometimes charity is better a mystery

She donates about a quarter of her income a year, but never reveals her identity to her recipients. Amy Radil brings us the story of a mystery donor, why she gives close to home and what she's learned about the art of charity.
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Small loans make big difference

Looking for a new way to be charitable? How about lending to a business on the other side of the world? New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof did, and traveled to meet his beneficiaries. He talks to Tess Vigeland.
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A hedge fund for the children

Hedge funds have drawn fire for their methods in buying companies and selling off the pieces. But one London-based fund has largely escaped criticism, depite its fearsome reputation. Stephen Beard reports.
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For-profit helps keep charity running

The business model for TOM's Shoes gives an impoverished child a pair of shoes for each customer that buys a pair. Brett Brune reports the for-profit nature of the company helps it stay in motion.
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Schools teach the art of fundraising

With threats of budget cuts always looming, public schools have come to rely on their students as a resource for generating funds. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports on the business of school fundraising.

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