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When it comes to haggling for a pay raise, women have been told that factors such as poor negotiating skills are reasons they're not getting what they want. Well, ladies, new research shows it's not all your fault. And, whatever happened to that whole good things come to those who wait idea? Turns out procrastination is good for you. And the first in a series of conversations about religion and money. This week, Islam.

Frugal travels

Meg Favreau of shares tips on how to travel well without emptying your wallet.
Posted In: vacation, traveling, frugal, budget

Islam and money

The first in our series about money and religion, we look at how Muslims view and deal with money. Learn more about Islamic law regarding debt, investments and tithing.
Posted In: Muslim, Islam, debt, interest, tithing, spending

A saving-and-spending balancing act

Our Marketplace Money Piggy Bank Award goes to 10-year-old Anna Pitman, who is learning the balance between the joy of spending and the pride of saving.
Posted In: piggy bank award, Saving, Kids and money

The joys of unplugging

Writer Jen Miller used to dread being away from her e-mail inbox. But after taking a real vacation, her attitude about unplugging has changed.
Posted In: vacation, unplugging

Eliminating debt, all in a day -- and night's -- work

A banker doesn't listen to her own advice and falls deep into credit card debt. She takes on a blue collar job to get herself back in the black.
Posted In: debt, white collar, blue collar, employment

Good things come to those who wait

Turns out, making split-second gut decisions might not be the best way to make great choices. Author Frank Partnoy says those who take a slower pace win the race.
Posted In: procrastination, partnoy, Books, social behavior, technology

Background checks and fishing expeditions

Tess is joined by Paddy Hirsch and David Lazarus to answer listeners questions.
Posted In: class action lawsuits, letters, background check, david lazarus, paddy hirsch

Why do women get smaller raises than men?

A recent study showed that managers gave men more than two-thirds of the available raise pool.
Posted In: raises, men v. women, management, gender gap

How much is that 'green' label on your house worth?

A study suggests that homes certified as environment-friendly do sell at a premium. But in terms of choosing which home to buy, it's still location, location, location first.
Posted In: real estate, House, LEED, green

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