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Showcasing different lifestyles through advertising

For companies, making the choice to recognize, and, even showcase different lifestyles is becoming popular.
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Gazprom goes to China, Russia's economy rejoices

Russia and China strike a natural gas deal that assures Gazprom a very big market.
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T-Mobile and Univision pitch Latinos a phone plan

T-Mobile partners with Univision to offer a phone service tailored for Latinos.

T-Mobile and Univision offer Latinos a phone plan

The two companies offer phone plans with special content for Latinos

Cats, video games, funerals: All with video on demand

Google is in talks to buy Twitch, a live video game streaming service.
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The cookie factory that balances profit with progress

Some corporations have a legal status that formalizes their social goals.
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Elvis on Toast

Taking the retail sales number too seriously

Retail sales for April were disappointing, but month-to-month data is problematic.
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Why China and Vietnam are bumping boats

China is in conflict over its claim to a vast part of the South China Sea.
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Stanford University

Stanford will divest stakes in coal. Will it matter?

Stanford becomes the first major university to eliminate fossil-fuel investments in its endowment -- but only coal.
Obama Gives Major Speech On Climate Change And Pollution

I feel a climate change comin' on

Climate change does not rate very high on the list of the public's concerns.
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