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Tang sales skyrocket to $1 billion annually

The astronaut-approved orange drink now comes in a variety of local flavors for overseas markets. It's one reason sales have doubled in the past four years.
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Doctors' association to vote on support for health care reform

Just like President Obama's health care reform law, the American Medical Association's current policy says most Americans should be required to buy health insurance. But the law also comes with requirements that could put small practices out of business.
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Cable companies fear more than the Internet

The growing popularity of Internet streaming has already impacted the cable industry. But now, cable executives have a new concern on the horizon: Can customers afford the "luxury" cost of cable?
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More choices doesn't always mean a better deal

Normally, when consumers have more options it means a greater chance for a better deal. But that rule may not apply to high-end products.
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Profits soar for yoga-wear maker Lululemon

As many retailers struggle to regain pricing power, Lululemon's profits are strong. How does the maker of yoga-inspired activewear grow from here?
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Brands cater to gay community

Corporations have long sponsored floats in the parades and other things that kept the sponsorship within the gay community. Now though, it's expanding to general merchandising.
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Military Tobacco: The story behind our investigation

A few years ago I found myself standing inside a Coast Guard Exchange in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, waiting for a friend to buy a bottle of...
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Military underprices tobacco more than law allows

Smoking and chewing tobacco use in the armed forces is widespread. Yet many military bases break the rules and sell tobacco at big discounts.
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New York state nears deal to cap property tax

With among the highest property taxes in the country, New York aims to limit annual increases but also accommodate school districts.
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Volkswagen returns to the U.S. to build cars

VW opens a $1 billion plant in Chattanooga, as it seeks to triple U.S. sales and outsell GM and Toyota globally.
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