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Features by Sally Herships

Gift fair tests mood for holiday shopping

Gift businesses by the thousands brave economic angst to gather in New York for a trade show. It's the last big buying opportunity for the holidays.
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Can retail weather the latest economic swings?

Deepening economic woes could start to take a toll on retail bottom lines
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As personal spending dips, pet spending rises

Hard economic times have hit personal spending, but consumers keep doling out for pet medication. That's good news for Big Pharma

The latest trend? Fashion and beauty reality TV

More than 100 new reality TV shows are in the works for summer and fall, and a large swath of them are focusing their lenses on beauty and fashion.
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Comcast kills off Stephen King movie series

Universal Studios' new owner cites high cost of the movies. But does it make sense to shut down a movie when names like Ron Howard and Javier Bardem are attached?
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Obama's fuel efficiency standards may be too high

Big carmakers are fighting against the Obama administration's latest proposal for fuel efficiency standards.
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Orange juice prices near two-year high

Pestilence and mother nature damage orange crops in Florida and Brazil, raising juice prices to near their historic high.
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Girl Scout camps up for sale

To deal with declining membership, the not-for-profit is taking a cue from corporate America: merging local groups and selling off part of its most valuable assets -- land.

Military tobacco - a follow up to our investigation

Last month on Marketplace, I published a report from my year-long investigation about how Army, Air Force and Coast Guard bases in more than a do...
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HLN's next step, post-trial

CNN's HLN channel got big ratings while covering the Casey Anthony trial, but now that the case is over, it could lose viewers as well as advertisers.
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