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Features by Sally Herships

New York subway to launch wireless coverage

In a pilot program that could transform the daily commute, New York City removes the last refuge from round-the-clock connectivity: the subway.

Obama jobs bill revives jobless benefits debate

The White House wants to extend unemployment insurance benefits, but critics say that will give the jobless an incentive to stay jobless.
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Retailers optimistic about holiday season

August sales numbers will give a good indication of what's ahead for stores in the winter.
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What does Google get from buying Zagat?

The search giant is thinking local by buying restaurant review company Zagat

More farm jobs deemed too dangerous for kids

For the first time in 40 years, the Labor Department is adding to the farm jobs that are off limits to children under age 16.
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Guinness hopes to make a splash in U.S. beer market with new lager

The Irish beer maker is stretching its brand and launching a new dark lager. But that move could be risky.
Posted In: Food

Shipping company causes dispute on high seas

Cosco, one of the world's largest shipping companies, is refusing to pay for some ships that it chartered long-term in 2008. Ship owners are threatening to battle back.
Posted In: Law

East Coast businesses prepare for Irene

New York City merchants search for sandbags in preparation for Hurricane Irene, while Wall Street worries about getting employees to work on Monday.
Posted In: Environment

What Warren Buffett wants...

The famed investor wanted a piece of Bank of America after its stock had been beaten down. And Bank of America eventually decided it could use an investment -- $5 billion -- from Buffett.
Posted In: Banks

Back-to-school shopping begins

Retailers rely on gimmicks to cover rising costs
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