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At Toto's Tokyo showroom

A toilet for all techies

Can U.S. consumers take all that Japanese gadgetry sitting down?
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Ads can target consumers based on their previous Internet searches through online shopping platforms such as

Big data is following you

Cookies let retailers compile a dossier on shoppers — and resend the same ads.
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Two Samsung affiliates are preparing to merge.

Chaebol versus the shareholders

There’s a serious challenge to the all-powerful family that controls Samsung.
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Training is in short supply for police forces

Professional development is lacking, experts say, but costs can be prohibitory.
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Washington D.C. Police Officer Debra Domino models a body camera before a press conference at City Hall in Washington, D.C. Some say that the number of private police vs. public ones is a growing problem.

Accountability at question in private policing

Security guards outnumber government officers 3-to-2, but most have less training.
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A look at some of the merchandising available at Hillary Clinton's online shop.

The merch tells the mood

Constrained or confident? Campaign T-shirts and onsies can say a lot about that.
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The U.S. is looking to Europe to import eggs amid shortage.

The U.S. is facing an egg-tastrophe

The nation’s poultry industry is facing an unprecedented avian flu epidemic, which has led to a shortage.
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David Letterman wears the pants at Worldwide Pants

The production company was crucial when Letterman moved to CBS two decades ago.
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In police killings, numbers are scarce or inaccurate

Why is it so hard to get these life and death numbers?
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The cost of stress in the police force

Police officers say they have less discretion about how they do their jobs.
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