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The sweet smell of King Digital's Candy Crush success

As King Digital tries to raise about $500 million in IPO, we look at the company's strategy
Posted In: Candy Crush, IPO

States change rules to avoid SNAP cuts

The Farm Bill tried to cut about $8 billion from the food stamps program.
Posted In: food stamps

Tips for landing a new job inside your company

Internal candidates often have an advantage, but being an insider can sometimes prove a double-edged sword.
Posted In: job search

Pimps use technology, too

A new study reveals how the underground sex business is changing.
Posted In: pimps, sex economy, sex, illegal trading

After delay, U.S. builds four new nuclear reactors

The economics of nuclear power are a tough sell.
Posted In: nuclear power, energy

Obama's tough sell on early childhood spending

Part of the President's budget proposal focuses on an initiative expanding early childhood development programs.
Posted In: head start, budget

Taser is more than stun guns

Taser is diversifying into police equipment, including wearable cameras.
Posted In: taser, police, guns, technology

Chicago, Detroit get funding for next-gen manufacturing

President Obama announces two innovation institutes.
Posted In: car manufacturing

Winter brings sweet business to salt suppliers

This season's harsh winter has meant shortages of the salt used to clear roads.
Posted In: salt, roads

Bad news, bad weather

Can bad weather be blamed for bad news?
Posted In: weather, seasonal impacts, Unemployment, benefits, Jobs


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