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Why people are still buying GM cars post-recall

GM says it has recalled close to 14 million vehicles this year.
Posted In: GM, car sales, car recalls
President Obama Meets With Business Leaders

Is 'insourcing' enough to boost the U.S. economy?

President Obama is touting companies that have made investments in the U.S.
Posted In: SelectUSA, foreign investment

Why advertisers care how long a show sits in your DVR

They don’t pay for your eyeballs if you watch Scandal on Day Four.
Posted In: DVR, TiVo, nielsen

The changing face of the money transfer business

Western Union and Walmart are trying to add new money transfer customers.
Posted In: Western Union, banking, retail banking, money transfer

Which brand is bigger: Oprah or Starbucks?

A little pepper. A little ginger. A Starbucks Chai Tea with Oprah’s name on it.
Posted In: Oprah Winfrey, starbucks, teavana

When ads start jumping to the second screen

A service could cut off an escape route from the commercial break.
Posted In: ads, second screen, Facebook

Military commissaries consider going generic

Commissary prices have some wondering if stocking generics is a solution.
Posted In: groceries, military

Parent PLUS loans under scrutiny

Is it too easy for low-income parents to become burdened with loans?
Posted In: Parent PLUS

Teens now spending as much on food as clothes

A survey of buying habits says Starbucks is a top spending location.
Posted In: starbucks, teenagers

Why don't we like to talk about our pay?

An executive order will make it easier for federal contractors to discuss pay
Posted In: pay gap, pay, gender, federal contracts


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