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Ebola's cost to African economies

The epidemic is financially hurting Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.
Posted In: Ebola, Africa, disease

Got a tax credit you can't use? You can sell it

The market for state tax credits is growing. They can even be traded online.
Posted In: tax credit, Oregon
keyboard delete

Daimler and the disappearing emails

Employees now have the option to delete all email that arrives during vacation.
Posted In: business, email, German, holiday
Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan deal lays groundwork for more pipelines

Consolidation will allow Kinder Morgan to acquire other pipeline companies
Posted In: pipelines, oil companies, Keystone pipeline

U.S. companies pledge $14 billion in Africa investment

Energy shortages are an obstacle to business and an opportunity for investment.
Posted In: Africa, business, foreign investment

Call center jobs are coming back to the U.S.

Social media is changing the nature of the customer service industry.
Posted In: Twitter, social media

Airplanes become the new weather balloons

Planes create a moving picture of weather data as they take off and land.
Posted In: weather

Some bond insurers oppose Detroit's bankruptcy plan

Companies that insured Detroit's debt also made other bad bets.
Posted In: Detroit bankruptcy, Detroit, bad debt, investment

Summer fun for future Fed chiefs? Maybe.

At Fed camp, kids play games about personal finance and build economic knowledge.
Posted In: summer, children, Fed, camp

Twitter may change metrics to reflect a wider audience

More people interact with Twitter than just those who are signed on.
Posted In: Twitter, social media


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