Jeff Horwich is the interim host of Marketplace Morning Report and a sometime-Marketplace reporter. He is the former host of "In The Loop" from Minnesota Public Radio and a former business and economics correspondent for MPR. He is a graduate of Duke University and has a Master's in applied economics from the University of Minnesota.


Features by Jeff Horwich

U.S. to become world's top oil producer

The International Energy Agency is forecasting that the U.S. will become the biggest oil producer in the world within the next decade.
Posted In: Oil, Saudi Arabia, alternative energy

Business digs trench ahead of fiscal cliff

The markets have calmed from their post-election downturn. Businesses are now shifting their attention to the fiscal cliff negotiations that will decide the fate of the U.S. economy.
Posted In: fiscal cliff, business, Economy, whiteboard

PODCAST: Apple's stock slides, candy and antiperspirant meet

President Obama's challenge in a nutshell: Appease Main Street and soothe Wall Street. Apple's stock slides. New York brings back the 70's post-Sandy. Colorado and Washington legalize marijuana. And the economic niche where candy and antiperspirant meet.

States can 'legalize it', but can someone sell it?

On Tuesday voters in Colorado and Washington approved legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.
Posted In: marijuana, 2012 elections, colorado, Washington

PODCAST: An orc victory and stock uncertainty

California lawmakers acquire a long-lost superpower: Taxation. The start of the once-a-decade change in leadership in China. And Barack Obama's prospects next to other notable two-termers: Reagan, Clinton and Bush the younger.

Could a California supermajority fix state finances?

In California, voters may have beefed up Democrats to a two thirds majority in both the Assembly and Senate -- a situation the state hasn't seen since 1933.
Posted In: california, Democrats

Political uncertainty continues to hang over markets

Following Tuesday's election, the markets took a plunge. The major stock indexes all fell nearly 2.5 percent -- the biggest sell-off of the year.
Posted In: 2012 election, fiscal cliff, stock market

PODCAST: What Obama's re-election means for the economy

Now that President Barack Obama has been re-elected, we take a look at what the election results mean for the economy and fiscal cliff. Plus, what role did big money from outside groups play in this election? And we look at what's next for Obamacare, the impact on China, and whether Obama's victory will lead to compromise or more gridlock.

Podcast Extra: Vision can wait, let's avoid the 'cliff'

Accepting a second term, President Obama looked to the horizon with a view for where he wants to take us in the next four years, but at the moment that horizon extends about as far as December 31st. Mission one post-election for the president and Congress is steering clear of the "fiscal cliff."
Posted In: 2012 election, fiscal cliff

Obama's victory: A road to compromise or gridlock?

With both Governor Romney and President Obama calling for bipartisanship, we check in with two dueling economists to help chart the course ahead.
Posted In: 2012 election, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, fiscal cliff


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