Ethan Lindsey first worked on the Marketplace Morning Report in 2004 and returned in 2010. In the interim, he worked as a reporter at the Oregon Public Broadcasting. One of Lindsey’s first jobs out of college was clipping and summarizing news for the President and the White House.

In 2009, Lindsey won a Peabody Award for his work as a reporter at Oregon Public Broadcasting.  He was also awarded a Fulbright fellowship, which allowed him to report in Germany for a year.  One of the highlights of his fellowship was a trip to Trossingen, Germany, the birthplace of the harmonica.  He had the pleasure of interviewing the curator of the harmonica museum and reporting on the history of the instrument.

Lindsey graduated from UC Berkeley, with a degree in English. In addition, he received his Masters at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. 

Lindsey currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys hiking, camping and skiing in his free time.  He is a die-hard Cal football fan and has been known to globe-trot in order to catch a game.


Features by Ethan Lindsey

SNL product placement skit

Product placement is everywhere these days. It's even turned up in a popular skit on Saturday Night Live. But was it intentional, or just comedy? Ethan Lindsey takes a look.

BCS cash register

College football's BCS Championship series begins today, and as Ethan Lindsey reports, it's as much about money as it is about football.
Posted In: Sports


The UN releases a report today looking at the effectiveness of so-alled "micro-loans" in spurring economic growth in developing nations. Ethan Lindsey reports.
Posted In: Canada

Terrorism preparations

The US remains unprepared for another 9/11 scale terrorist attack, according to the heads of the September 11th Commission. But this week, they say lawmakers have a chance to rectify the situation, as Ethan Lindsey reports.

BlackBerry setback

The makers of the BlackBerry e-mail device have suffered setback in their efforts to settle a lawsuit over use of the technology that powers the PDA. Ethan Lindsey sorts out the details.

TiVo goes international

The TV recording company is looking to expand its trade horizons overseas, starting first in Taiwan. Ethan Lindsey reports.

Faster, Higher, Stronger

The Olympic flame is set to be lit this weekend in advance of the Winter Games in Turin this February. Ethan Lindsey looks at how the Games should benefit the city's economy.
Posted In: Canada

TV, meet the Internet

A deal was announced today between a Boston-based start-up named Brightcove, AOL, and InterActive Corp. Brightcove wants to change the way we watch TV. Is it the next big thing, or all hype? Ethan Lindsey found out.

Coming soon: Virtual debt

There's a place where you can buy an island for $26,000, which is either cheap or pricey, depending on how you look at it... the island in question exists only in an online game. Ethan Lindsey has the scoop on virtual trade.

Home Depot earnings reflect home improvement surge

Keyed by the destruction wrought by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, earnings for home improvement chains like Lowes and Home Depot rose in the third quarter. Ethan Lindsey reports.


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