Ethan Lindsey first worked on the Marketplace Morning Report in 2004 and returned in 2010. In the interim, he worked as a reporter at the Oregon Public Broadcasting. One of Lindsey’s first jobs out of college was clipping and summarizing news for the President and the White House.

In 2009, Lindsey won a Peabody Award for his work as a reporter at Oregon Public Broadcasting.  He was also awarded a Fulbright fellowship, which allowed him to report in Germany for a year.  One of the highlights of his fellowship was a trip to Trossingen, Germany, the birthplace of the harmonica.  He had the pleasure of interviewing the curator of the harmonica museum and reporting on the history of the instrument.

Lindsey graduated from UC Berkeley, with a degree in English. In addition, he received his Masters at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. 

Lindsey currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys hiking, camping and skiing in his free time.  He is a die-hard Cal football fan and has been known to globe-trot in order to catch a game.


Features by Ethan Lindsey

Taken for a ride

With home prices dropping all over the country, how do you choose the right time to buy? Ethan Lindsey walks us through his home buying experience in Bend, Oregon.
Posted In: Housing

Oregon voters to give billboards a sign

A special election on Nov. 6 in Oregon will determine the future of billboards along the state's well-traveled roads, where such signage has been tightly controlled for years. Ethan Lindsey reports.
Posted In: Crime

Please come to our rural college

The number of college-aged students in rural areas is dwindling and the local universities are struggling to stay open. Ethan Lindsey explores what some colleges are doing to stay afloat.
Posted In: Education

Cashing in on global warming?

Here's something for the G8 to chew on this week: As world leaders struggle to agree on a compromise for tackling climate change, the business world is starting to see the problem as a trillion-dollar opportunity. Ethan Lindsey reports.
Posted In: Canada

Labor's German Model getting rusty

German workers have a long and successful tradition of organizing to assert their political will, but lately things haven't been running quite as smoothly for that country's powerful labor unions. Ethan Lindsey reports.
Posted In: Canada

France, Germany talk job cuts

Jacques Chirac and Angela Merkel are trying to get the Airbus restructuring plan back on the runway. Germany balked at the initial plan which reportedly had it suffering the bulk of job cuts in the jointly-owned company.
Posted In: Canada, Travel

Jump starting the peace process

Palestinian ruling party Hamas has agreed to a power-sharing deal with Fatah, Israel's said that's a deal-breaker and the U.S. says it's not enough to remove the economic blockade. The Quartet meets in Berlin today to discuss what's next.
Posted In: Canada

Going against the grain

Who cares what the outside of your PC looks like as long as it's got a fast chip inside, right? Well, no. Ethan Lindsey found some people for whom looks — with a fine veneer — matter.
Posted In: Entertainment

Coal mines closin' down down down

Germany has set a date that will effectively end all coal mining in that country by 2018, but some wonder if cleaner coal can still make a comeback there. Ethan Lindsey reports.
Posted In: Canada

Will Germany brake for greenhouse gases?

Environmentalists want speed limits set on Germany's autobahn as a means of reducing carbon emissions. Ethan Lindsey reports that the proposal is prompting something of a national identity crisis.
Posted In: Crime


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