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Google unveils detailed North Korea map

Google's surprisingly detailed new maps of North Korea offer a view into the isolated nation that the world has never seen before.
Posted In: North Korea, Google, google maps

New credit card fees may be passed on to consumers

Using a credit card? Watch out for new 'swipe fees' being passed on from merchants to consumers.
Posted In: Credit Cards, Consumer Protection Act

Obama's economic challenges, part two

The crises Obama inherited have passed. But to push his new agenda, he’ll have to tackle thorny budget and debt issues constraining the economy.
Posted In: Barack Obama

Fed transcripts from 2007 show divided board

Newly released transcripts from 2007 show Federal Reserve officials were slow to act as the economy slid into recession.
Posted In: Economy, global recession, Federal Reserve, Timothy Geithner

7-Eleven tries to retake Manhattan

After pulling up stakes in New York years ago, 7-Eleven has returned and is making Manhattan its top priority for rapid expansion
Posted In: 7-Eleven, fast food

What bank profits say, or don't, about the economy

JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs reported strong profit growth for 2012. But does their success reflect a stronger economy?
Posted In: JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon, Goldman Sachs, Banks

Warby Parker tries to re-focus eyeglass industry

Warby Parker sells quality glasses for $95, using in-house design and online sales to undercut high price mark ups by big players like Luxottica.
Posted In: eyeglasses, glasses, Warby Parker

AIG: 'Thanks for the bailout. See you in court?'

AIG board mulls whether to join a former CEO in suing the U.S. government for shortchanging shareholders in a $182 billion financial crisis bailout.
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Banks settle again, homeowners to get relief

In a costly day of legal settlements, 10 banks agree to pay $8.5 billion to four million homeowners for mishandling their foreclosures.
Posted In: Bank of America, Banks, foreclosure, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

After FTC win, can Google keep up search success?

The Federal Trade Commission has decided that Google is not being anti-competitive when it promotes its own services in search results.
Posted In: Google, antitrust, siri


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