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The average Lego set appreciates better than stocks

All kinds of investors are excited about Lego's annual profits.
Posted In: lego, toys

Thomas Jennings perfected dry cleaning as he pushed for abolition

Thomas Jennings was the first African American to receive a U.S. patent, 44 years before slavery ended.
Posted In: black history month, Thomas Jennings, dry cleaning, inventions

Supreme Court reviews expansion of 2007 Clean Air Act

A lawsuit challenges the EPA's ability to apply specific regulations to other polluters.
Posted In: tailpipe emissions

Google, Microsoft, Dropbox: Whose cloud is the brightest?

Sorting through the advantages of one cloud storage offer over others.
Posted In: cloud, dropbox, apple, Google

Vienna top city for relocating workers: survey

U.S. cities don't come close to the best places for relocating workers.
Posted In: Vienna, relocation, workers, Europe, moving

Bringing the long-term unemployed back to the office

President Obama has called on employers to stop passing over long-term jobless applicants.
Posted In: Unemployment, long-term unemployment, unemployment benefits

How to get a vacation for 'free'

You don’t have spend big to earn enough reward points for a free trip. But there are risks to getting credit cards just for their bonus points.
Posted In: Travel, discount travel, vacation

Can money buy good teachers?

One charter school in Manhattan is banking on high teacher salaries leading to higher student achievement.
Posted In: Education, teachers

Super Bowl ad flops

Even if you don't actually watch the Super Bowl game, everyone watches the Super Bowl ads. And that means big opportunity for T.V. advertisers: a memorable Super Bowl commercial can either make -- or break -- a brand.
Posted In: Super Bowl, Super Bowl commercials

Aubrey McClendon to step down from Chesapeake Energy

Shares of natural gas company Chesapeake Energy are up after its embattled CEO announced he is retiring.
Posted In: natural gas, Chesapeake Energy, Aubrey McClendon


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