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Bank Of America

Bank earnings show: Americans got better at paying off debts

What’s led to the overall improvement in creditworthiness for consumers.
Posted In: Banks, JPMorgan Chase
US IRS Tax forms

IRS budget problems help tax evaders

Taxpayers face a smaller risk of being audited by the IRS.
Posted In: IRS, Taxes, tax day, audit

So you went ahead and bought some bitcoin

Now a large exchange is filing for bankruptcy because of a theft. How can you protect your investment?
Posted In: bitcoin, Mt. Gox

Your cherished antique may not be very valuable

Antique American furniture has lost its appeal, and prices for anything not the best have plunged
Posted In: antiques, furniture

The average Lego set appreciates better than stocks

All kinds of investors are excited about Lego's annual profits.
Posted In: lego, toys

Thomas Jennings perfected dry cleaning as he pushed for abolition

Thomas Jennings was the first African American to receive a U.S. patent, 44 years before slavery ended.
Posted In: black history month, Thomas Jennings, dry cleaning, inventions

Supreme Court reviews expansion of 2007 Clean Air Act

A lawsuit challenges the EPA's ability to apply specific regulations to other polluters.
Posted In: tailpipe emissions

Google, Microsoft, Dropbox: Whose cloud is the brightest?

Sorting through the advantages of one cloud storage offer over others.
Posted In: cloud, dropbox, apple, Google

Vienna top city for relocating workers: survey

U.S. cities don't come close to the best places for relocating workers.
Posted In: Vienna, relocation, workers, Europe, moving

Bringing the long-term unemployed back to the office

President Obama has called on employers to stop passing over long-term jobless applicants.
Posted In: Unemployment, long-term unemployment, unemployment benefits


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