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Governor Cuomo threatens to switch NY utilities

A week after Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast, more than a million people are still without power. New York Governor Cuomo is threatening to find other utilities if electric companies like ConEd and LIPA don’t perform.
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Thousands of New Yorkers displaced after Sandy

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city will need to find housing for 30,000 to 40,000 people due to Hurricane Sandy.
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Outages create nomads in search of electricity

Superstorm Sandy has stranded millions of people without power. Many are on the move in search of a working outlet to recharge their phones.
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Romney ad takes aim at Obama over Chrysler

Romney blames Obama for selling Chrysler to Fiat, which plans to make Jeeps in China. Chrysler counters, saying it’s expanding in U.S. too.
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Just what is an 'American' car?

Japanese automakers are getting more American, just as the Detroit companies get more global.
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A virtual bank for the kids' allowance

The average child’s allowance is $65 a month. That’s $780 a year. How do you keep track of all that money? A slew of online startups is trying to solve that problem -- creating virtual banks managed by parents and their kids.
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25 years after Black Monday, what lessons are learned

The markets tumbled Friday, but the declines were nothing compared to the Black Monday crash of Oct. 19, 1987. The Dow Jones shed 22 percent -- the equivalent of a 3,000-point drop today.
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Bloomberg moves to extend reach with super PAC

The New York mayor's new super PAC isn't the first time he's tried to change things nationally and around the world.
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Did pop culture embrace Occupy Wall Street?

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Occupy movement, a question: What sort of mark did Occupy make on pop culture?
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Insured see climbing rates, as coverage declines

Consumer advocates say there's a trend in the home insurance industry to lower coverage in order to keep rates from increasing too much.
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