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A business meeting, circa 1950s.

Hate performance reviews? So does human resources

More companies are ditching the practice in favor of ongoing feedback.
Posted In: human resources, performance reviews, Adobe
A visitor uses a cell phone in front of the Google logo.

Google could be your next wireless carrier

Google may be making deals with T-Mobile, Sprint to sell its own wireless service.
Posted In: Google, cell phone, Spint, T-Mobile

Will work – if they can find child care

Americans who work nontraditional hours struggle to find round-the-clock day care.
Posted In: day care, parenting

Gym plans in the New Year? Economists think otherwise

Why almost half of people with gym memberships are no-shows.
Posted In: gym, New Year's resolutions, exercise
The Internal Revenue Service building in Washington, DC.

Tax season outlook: 'Miserable'

Funding cuts, new mandates, tax breaks to complicate tax time, IRS commissioner says.
Posted In: IRS, Taxes, staffing cuts
The entrance of the Ebola treatment centre of aid agency Doctors Without Borders, known by its French initials MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres). The charity is one of many that share donor information.

The charity you support could share your info

Just as for-profit companies share your data, so do some charities.
Posted In: nonprofits, charities, doctors without borders

Some of Santa's elves are also lumberjacks

One entrepreneur in Minnesota is hand delivering trees, dressed as an elf.
Posted In: Christmas, Christmas tree, holiday hiring
Outside of Sony Pictures Entertainment in Los Angeles.

Sony warns media against publishing leaked information

Sony says the leaked information contains trade secrets. How damaging is the leak?
Posted In: Sony, corporate strategy, sony leaks
Federal Reserve Board Chairman Janet Yellen.

Why the Federal Reserve wants to see more inflation

It's not an exact science, but 2 percent is the sweet spot for inflation.
Posted In: inflation, inflation target
Lululemon Athletica hosts a 400-person yoga class at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to celebrate opening of its first London store.

Lululemon tries to juice up its product line

Lululemon tries to bounce back by making fancier clothes. Can sequins save its sales?
Posted In: Lululemon, athletic wear, sales


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