Annie Baxter is a senior reporter for Marketplace. She covers a range of topics, with a focus on agriculture and food, from her perch in St. Paul, Minn., where Marketplace’s parent company is headquartered.

Annie has been making radio since 2000, when she pursued an internship at KQED in San Francisco. At the time, she was enrolled in a doctoral program focused on literature and philosophy at U.C. Berkeley. But she got hooked on radio and quickly ditched her plans to become an academic.

At Marketplace, Annie works hard to make radio stories that transport listeners somewhere new and that connect them with people they might not otherwise meet. She loves taking big business stories about things like GMOs or the big food industry and making them feel human-scale.

Before joining Marketplace, Annie spent a decade covering business in Minnesota, where she chronicled people’s experiences of the economy, including couples forced into long-distance relationships due to scarce work and parents trying to explain their unemployment to their children. Her work has garnered dozens of awards, including two regional Edward R. Murrow awards.


Features by Annie Baxter

Altice adds Cablevision to its U.S. cable holdings

The European cable and telecommunications giant is expanding in the U.S. market.
Posted In: cable, Cablevision, telecommunications, Altice

Wasting food is more than a waste of money

The Obama administration has a plan to reduce uneaten food in landfills.
Posted In: food waste, wasted food, U.S.D.A., EPA
<span>Syrian refugees outside the German Embassy on the northern outskirts of Beirut, Lebanon on Thursday. President Obama is pushing for the U.S. to accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees this year.

Quotas are just one hurdle refugees face

What are the steps to join the resettlement program?
Posted In: migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers, syria

Cage-free chickens aren't necessarily carefree

McDonald's and others give their egg-layers a little room to spread their wings.
Posted In: McDonald's, cage-free eggs, cage-free chickens

Dollar stores are a target for food companies

Growth is in drug and dollar store outlets, while grocery sales are sluggish.
Posted In: dollar stores, General Mills, dollar general, food industry, Big Food

How is Best Buy's turnaround going?

The electronics chain has made progress since a new CEO came on board.
Posted In: Best Buy, consumer electronics, Amazon
Burning methane gas.

Methane leaks are pollution — and waste

The EPA is issuing rules limiting methane leaks in the drilling, production and transportation of natural gas and oil.
Posted In: methane, natural gas, Environmental Protection Agency, oil industry
Target is looking to promote healthier foods.

Target seeks to reclaim cheap chic image

After a couple of corporate stumbles, Target hopes to get back on financial track.
Posted In: Target, Retail, retailer, h&m, Zara
Mondelez International is the manufacturer of popular snack foods such as Oreo cookies.

Activist investor may trim fat at Oreo maker

Bill Ackman's hedge fund has bought a $5.5 billion stake in food giant Mondelez.
Posted In: Mondelez, activist investor, Bill Ackman, Food, Oreos, William Ackman
A growing number of food companies now offer “non-GMO” products to appeal to consumers who are concerned about genetically modified ingredients.

Food industry plays it both ways with GMO labels

The food industry opposes mandatory labeling of food with GMO ingredients, but also sees a market for products with non-GMO labels.
Posted In: GMO, Non-GMO, Big Food, food industry


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