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What's in a stadium name? Millions.

Nissan buys the naming rights to the Tennessee Titans' venue.
Posted In: brand names, name brand, Nissan, tennessee, stadiums, sponsorship

Experts still puzzling over bird flu

Experts are still stymied by a bird flu crisis that cost farmers millions of birds.
Posted In: bird flu, avian flu, chickens, poultry farmers

Not all food company mergers are equal

When it comes to competition, the distribution and retail ends of the grocery business are very different.
Posted In: grocery stores, Retail, Food, supermarket

Why egg prices have been climbing while chicken prices are falling

Farms that produce chickens for meat are seeing exports drop, pushing prices down.
Posted In: bird flu, chicken prices, avian flu
CVS is purchasing Target's pharmacies for nearly $2 billion.

Why Target is selling its pharmacies to CVS

The deal will give customers access to more drugs, services — and shopping.
Posted In: CVS, Target, pharmacy, big box stores
Preparing to enter a Costco store in Alhambra, California.

Another Costco bonus for members: discount cars

Costco earns most of its revenue from member fees for helping members find bargains.
Posted In: Costco, car sales, Retail
A judge's ruling shields General Motors from lawsuits over defective cars prior to the company's bankruptcy.

Companies face calls for separate CEO and board chair

At today's shareholder meeting, investors may learn the fate of the proposal.
Posted In: General Motors, corporate governance

Bird flu may take fresh turkeys off the menu

Come Thanksgiving, consumers could be flocking to frozen poultry.
Posted In: turkey, poultry, bird flu

Bird flu means fewer eggs for commercial operations

Prices soar 200 percent since April for bakeries, restaurants and manufacturers.
Posted In: eggs, bird flu, restaurants

North Dakota oil town: Is it a bust or a slowdown?

Some developers are pushing ahead in Williston despite lower prices per barrel.
Posted In: Williston, North Dakota, Bakken, oil prices, oil boom


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