Angela Kim is the Marketplace Public Insight analyst, responsible for outreach efforts that engage the public and encourage them to share their insights on topics Marketplace covers via social media, multimedia projects, and the Public Insight Network (PIN). In addition to producing content for PIN, Kim is also the producer/editor for the Marketplace Whiteboard video web series. Prior to her position as PIN analyst, Kim was the Marketplace sustainability desk producer and was responsible for special projects, including live public events, radio program specials, and multimedia web and social media components dealing with sustainability. Before joining Marketplace in 2009, Kim was a producer with the weekly news magazine program Weekend America that aired nationally. She contributed to Public Radio International’s Here and Now, and to the national Asian America public radio show pilot As I Am: Asians In America, for which she received a 2008 Gracie Allen Award. In 2010, she was a fellow with the East-West Center’s Korea-U.S. Journalists Exchange where she traveled to South Korea with six other journalists to learn about Korea’s trade dealings, North and South Korea relations, and green tech innovations. Kim earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from University of California, Irvine and a master’s degree in journalism at Emerson College in Boston. A native of Irvine, Calif., Kim currently lives in Los Angeles, with past residences in Sweden, Massachusetts and Minnesota. In her free time, you can find her contributing to American Public Media’s The Splendid Table, traveling, and updating her food blog,


Features by Angela Kim

Make sun tea.

Harness the sun to brew your own tea, year round. Use a clean glass container, cleaned with hot soapy water. Only brew the tea for 3-4 hours....

Switch to rotary push lawnmowers.

Gas power mowers and blowers spew out 5% of our air pollution - some estimates are much higher in metro areas. Buy a rotary for in between cutting...
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Use LED Holiday Lights.

LED lights consume 88% less energy, last years longer, and are marginally more expensive than incandescent mini lights. You'll recover your upfront...
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Take a shower with a bucket.

Put a bucket in your shower to collect the water used to get hot water to the shower and the water you use while showering. If you take long...
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Get your own windmill.

Install a windmill in your backyard to pump freshwater for drinking and laundry.

Wash clothes the natural way.

Wash clothes down by the river on the rocks; rocks get out all the stains.
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No toilet paper.

Save your lightly used napkins and the paper towels used to dry your hands in public restrooms and use them for toilet paper by tearing them into...
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Reuse the recyclable.

A lot of recyclable items -- those tan coffee filters, for instance -- can be used more than once (sometimes more than twice) before recycling them...
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Find creative ways to save water.

Keep a large bowl in the sink and use the "gray water" from rinsing coffee or tea cup etc. for watering flowers. In new houses, make sure the...
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Use the whole chicken - not just the parts!

Buy the inexpensive whole chicken. Roast in a clay cooker or other efficient container with a few cut onions, herbs and pepper...not too much salt....


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