Angela Kim is the Marketplace Public Insight analyst, responsible for outreach efforts that engage the public and encourage them to share their insights on topics Marketplace covers via social media, multimedia projects, and the Public Insight Network (PIN). In addition to producing content for PIN, Kim is also the producer/editor for the Marketplace Whiteboard video web series. Prior to her position as PIN analyst, Kim was the Marketplace sustainability desk producer and was responsible for special projects, including live public events, radio program specials, and multimedia web and social media components dealing with sustainability. Before joining Marketplace in 2009, Kim was a producer with the weekly news magazine program Weekend America that aired nationally. She contributed to Public Radio International’s Here and Now, and to the national Asian America public radio show pilot As I Am: Asians In America, for which she received a 2008 Gracie Allen Award. In 2010, she was a fellow with the East-West Center’s Korea-U.S. Journalists Exchange where she traveled to South Korea with six other journalists to learn about Korea’s trade dealings, North and South Korea relations, and green tech innovations. Kim earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from University of California, Irvine and a master’s degree in journalism at Emerson College in Boston. A native of Irvine, Calif., Kim currently lives in Los Angeles, with past residences in Sweden, Massachusetts and Minnesota. In her free time, you can find her contributing to American Public Media’s The Splendid Table, traveling, and updating her food blog,


Features by Angela Kim

Rent a tree for the holidays.

Instead of buying a tree that's been freshly cut or buying an artificial tree, try looking for alternatives in your community. For example, in...
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Think about your stocking stuffers.

In my blog ontheroadtogreenness I write on a number of topics and often offer tips. I have been posting on Thursdays during this holiday season...

Stop your dishwasher when it goes into drying mode.

We use the dishwasher a lot and most of them don't do much of the drying in the drying cycle but use a lot of energy. I generally stop it when it...
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Wear weather appropriate clothes at home.

I see a lot of people not wearing warm clothes inside the home and then cranking up the heater which is an energy hog. Wear as much warm cloths as...
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Switch to a plant-based diet.

The diet-related carbon footprint of the average omnivore is about 4.1 metric tons of carbon per year. The average vegan has a diet-related carbon...

Get a wood fired water heater.

I build wood fired hot water heaters out of discarded gas hot water heaters. See for a video. As you can see from the video its not a...
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Collect kitchen scraps for compost.

I made a scrap fabric sleeve to hang in the kitchen in which I store plastic produce bags from the supermarket. I place one as a liner inside a...
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Stop eating meat.

A top cause for production, heart disease, and a fat America. Lower carbon footprint and out-of-control medical costs all in one "tip."

Convert your toilet to dual flush.

There are dual flush conversion kits that are very affordable and easy to install, it cost me $15 and 15 minutes. They turn your toilet handle into...
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Wait for greener TVs - they're coming out soon!

TVs and home theater electronics have quietly replaced refrigerators as the biggest consumer of household electricity. Newer TVs are becoming more...
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