Candles are lit among mementos at a memorial for victims of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, on December 17, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. - 

In Connecticut today, people are heading back to work after Friday's tragic shooting in Newtown.

Jeff Gorter is a counselor for Crisis Care Network, and has flown in to help some of the the workers in a neighboring community -- many of whom have close personal ties to the victims. In the past, Gorter has dealt with victims of other similarly traumatic events from the 9/11 attacks to Hurricane Katrina.

The company he has been brought in to work with has around 150 employees who live in Newtown and work nearby.

"As you might guess," he says, "almost everybody knows somebody who was involved in this tragedy."

The specific focus is to help people get back into the regular work cycle while dealing with the issues that arise from such an emotional event. "Taking care of your people is also taking care of your business," he explains.

"We recognize in situations like this, employees are going to be distraught. Getting back to work feels normal, predictable."

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