Bar nyc
On the day Sandy hit, reporter Sally Herships went out into the streets of Brooklyn for a last-minute look at consumers' last minute preparations. - 

Wondering what stores stay open in the face of a hurricane? In Park Slope there are three kinds: delis, restaurants or bars, and liquor stores. Every other storefront I passed -- nail salons, shoe stores, pet groomers - - had their windows taped up or metal shutters down, which was probably a good idea. But for the establishments that were braving the elements, business was booming. "Christmas-time busy” is how the owner of a wine shop on 7th Avenue categorized it. And for a Monday afternoon -- a rainy-windy-tropical-storm-potentially-hurricane-category-bad-weather day -- the shop did seem pretty busy. People came in empty handed and left with clinking bottles. The most popular request seemed to be rum, the most popular drink, a Dark-n-Stormy.