111611 business suit man
A businessman walks past an advertisement for a suit retailer. - 

There's a new survey of executives published by the website CareerBuilder.com.  And it gives us a better idea of the people in charge of companies across the country.

The poll found a majority bring their own lunch to work, drive a sport-utility vehicle, and part their hair on the right.

Of the senior management employees interviewed, most wear business casual attire to the office, but 18 percent said they log office hours in jeans or shorts.

When it comes to color, female execs are far more likely to wear black to work, and men tend to favor navy blue.

As for company parties -- which we'll see a lot of in the next few weeks --  about a third of managers say they don't like to drink at company events at all.  Most who do, drink wine or beer, but 5 percent drink Martinis, and 3 percent take shots of liquor.

Check out the complete results.