20110209 amman jordan
Demonstrators march through the streets in Amman, Jordan, to protest the appointment of new Prime Minister, Marouf Bakhit on February 4, 2011 - 


STEVE CHIOTAKIS: The repercussions are extending beyond Egypt's borders. More protesters have gathered in Amman, Jordan. And that's where we find Marketplace's own Alisa Roth -- joining us on the phone. Hi Alisa.


CHIOTAKIS: Sounds like a lot of people there are reacting to this news as well. Explain where you are.

ROTH: I'm in front of the Egyptian embassy. There are a couple of hundred protesters -- I'd say 200 to 300 protesters who've come after the big afternoon prayer session. They have come ostensibly in support of the Egyptian people. They were chanting things like early like "Mubarak depart, depart." So people are definitely upset. This is also in some measure a protest against Jordan and saying, "We want reform here as well."

CHIOTAKIS: What about businesses in region Alisa? What's going on there?

ROTH: Well today is Friday, but it is in the Middle East as if it were Sunday. It's the day of prayer and businesses are actually shut. But I think what is clear is that the continued uncertainty is making everybody from investors to the people on the street nervous and that's always bad for business.

CHIOTAKIS: Marketplace's Alisa Roth in Amman, Alisa, thanks.

ROTH: You're welcome.